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What is Pay With Currency?

Pay With Currency is a unique FREE service that allows you, the business, to accept Currency Notes* for goods and services you provide to your customers.

*(Notes only, no coins allowed. Currency notes accepted must be currency types we accept).


What is Pay With Currency LOCAL?

Pay With Currency LOCAL is the same great system but with local collections from an Exchange Bureau representative. This helps with turnaround times and the postal currency returns doesn’t need to be used. Your representative can also pay cash on collection, which helps ensure you always have cash in your till. All we need to do is agree a limit of collected currency before your representative will come and collect and we don’t charge for this service (if available in your area). Please contact us to see if we have a local collections representative in your area.


Is Pay With Currency FREE to join?

Pay With Currency is completely FREE to join. All we ask in our terms and conditions is that you use the system responsibly and honestly and that you return collected currency to us for conversion back to GBP.


How does it work?

Pay With Currency has been designed to allow you to accept common currencies for goods and services you supply. The easy to use system shall convert any cost of goods and services from the GBP value entered, to the correct currency selected. It will tell you the minimum amount of currency required and will calculate any sterling change you need to give your customer. Once submitted, you collect the currency, pay any change due and the system will issue a receipt for your customer. Once you have collected currencies, you can book them in for return and payment from us.


How does Pay With Currency differ from other payment options?

Pay With Currency is the only payment option (that we know of) that doesn’t cost you BUT pays you. Other payment options such as debit or credit cards, Apple Pay, Paypal and iZettle charge you varying amounts per transaction, where PWC pays you between 3% - 5%* for every transaction completed.

* Percentage varies per currency type


How can a business benefit from using Pay With Currency?

Your business can benefit in two ways. Firstly, you never need to reject a customer who offers to pay with currency notes, which means potentially more customer satisfaction & football.  Secondly, when you return the currency for payment, you shall make a margin of between 3 to 5%*. This margin is based on the daily rates on your Pay With Currency system versus the daily rates for returning currency.

*(Currency type dependent.  Margins based on daily rates. This will change on a daily basis and can go up or down meaning more or less margin).


Do I need to have internet access?

Yes, you must have the ability to get online, be it with a mobile device, mobile dongle or broadband. The system is internet based and cannot work without this.


Do I need any special equipment?

No you don’t. Pay With Currency is designed to work with all devices, be it Smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. It is however, easier to use on devices with a screen size of at least 7 inches.


Do I need to have a printer?

No you don’t. Pay With Currency has various methods of delivering receipts to your clients and even copies for your own records if required. Choose from A4 printed, POS receipts (both 58mm & 80mm) or just enter your customer’s email address for an email copy to be sent straight to their inbox.


Who can register with Pay With Currency?

Any type of UK business can register with Pay With Currency, be it a newsagent or grocery store to hotels and guest houses. The list is actually endless.


Do I need to be a limited UK company to join?

No you don’t. You can be a sole trader trading as, a partnership, a limited company or even a PLC.


Can private individuals join Pay With Currency?

Unfortunately not. You must be a UK registered business, with business premises in the UK. We check all new accounts to ensure that they are actual businesses in the UK. Accounts may be disabled if we are unable to verify a business to a specific business address. Please ensure you enter the correct data when opening your account.


What currencies does Pay With Currency accept?

Presently, we accept the top 12 currencies by popularity such as Euro and US Dollars. More currencies shall be added in the future.


Are the currency conversion rates fair for my customers?

The rates we use for Pay With Currency are checked daily to ensure you are giving your customers a fair rate when they choose to pay with currency. We ensure that rates provided beat a standard bank rate for the purchase of currency notes. This rate must not be confused with an interbank rate shown on search engines, which is usually for an electronic transaction and not actual currency notes.


How often do the currency rates change on Pay With Currency?

Rates are changed once daily Monday to Friday, with the exception of Bank Holidays. The company however does exercise the right to change rates more than once daily in unusual market circumstances.


I have a problem logging in to my new account as it needs to be verified first, can you help?

If you have joined but have not received your Welcome email with your account activation link, then please check your spam folder (and other folders) of your email account. In some cases, your email provider may treat our Welcome email as promotional, social or even spam and put it into one of these folders. When you locate our email, please add us to your safe/white list to ensure future emails arrive to the correct folder.


Who operates/runs Pay With Currency?

Pay With Currency is part of Exchange Bureau, which is a trading style of The Cheque Shop Ltd (UK company). The company also operates under other trading names such as SellUsYourCurrency.co.uk with respect to its currency activities. The Cheque Shop Ltd was incorporated in 1998 and is located in Edinburgh.