Our NEW Local collections service is now available.

We have found that Pay With Currency members really do think PWC is a fantastic new payment option to give to their customers, but some are still sceptical about using our postal currency returns system to return collected currency.
Local collections can now be made in certain areas with other areas to follow.

The key benefits of the collection service are
  • Once agreed, your local Exchange Bureau representative shall come to you and collect currency at your site, once you have reached a pre agreed amount to collect.
  • Your representative shall have a printout of what's to be collected with the correct GBP value. This is also available through your own transaction history tab.
  • Your Exchange Bureau Representative can pay you cash for your collected currency, to the GBP value shown, so you’ve had every penny back for your “Goods or services” sold and including any GBP£ change handed to your customers.
  • PWC Local pays a straight 4% commission regardless of when the transaction was done. Once a transaction is processed, you don’t need to worry about currency rate fluctuations.
  • When collected, your representative shall pay your commission for the amount collected, so no need to wait till the end of the month for your hard earned commissions.
  • There is no charge for this service but collection limits must be reached before a collection can be made.
  • New Local collection areas shall be introduced as soon as possible.

Please contact us to see if we have Local collections available yet in your area. If your area doesn’t have local collections, we shall be in touch as soon as it’s available.

Pay with Currency is still (that we know of) the only
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